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Breakpoint is a software and professional services company with a unique combination of capabilities specialising in the application of information technology. Breakpoint delivers complete business and technology solutions across market sectors that improve performance, provide innovative answers to contemporary business challenges and enable customers to make better decisions, respond faster and improve their return on investment.

For over 15 years, Breakpoint has focused on optimising performance and delivering quality solutions that streamline and integrate business processes across and beyond the enterprise. Enabling customers to launch new ventures in line with their plans and gain substantial business advantage. A Breakpoint product won the Engineering - IEEE 1990 Design Excellence Award in the Engineering Products category. Additionally, research work in academic fields has led to several publications in technical, academic and medical journals.

Customer Centre

The Breakpoint customer centre has been designed around the specific needs of customer solutions. Breakpoint collaborates with customers by providing advice and ongoing support options.

Breakpoint's partnership and collaborative approach has delivered dramatic process improvements and reduced costs for customers. Breakpoint's customer centre provides advice to customers in the areas of solution support, service support and delivery.

Breakpoint collaborates with an international network of associates that provide expertise and create a seamless value chain.

Contact us for more information on customer centre solutions to support your business.

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