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Breakpoint is committed to the continuing development of market sector specific expertise and skills. Breakpoint understands that every customer is unique and that they all need to partner with a company that can deliver the greatest value and success for their investments. In collaboration with our customers all our solutions address our customers commercial challenges while delivering superior benefits across market sectors.

>> Customer Testimonial

"Breakpoint's collaboration and partnership in delivering a solution that met our exact requirements on time and within budget is very rare compared to other similar organisations. Breakpoint's professionalism and expertise in all phases resulted in successful outcomes. The foresight in delivering a solution that is flexible and can seamlessly incorporate additional services has added great value to our business and a worthwhile investment"

    - Global Financial Services Organisation.

Financial Services

Breakpoint's collaboration with leading financial services organisations worldwide has enabled customers to retain market share, provide leading edge services and increase competitive advantage. Breakpoint's involvement in secure electronic transaction processing, global clearing and settlement processes, and transactional infrastructure has set industry standards. Our industry expertise has provided regulatory mission-critical finance solutions, business operational support and other automated solutions for customers.

Breakpoint's expertise and experience in the financial services sector has provided customers with leading edge secure industry-specific tools and solutions. Breakpoints financial market solutions provide extended reporting and secure transaction-based systems.

Breakpoint service solutions have been designed to assist the major Australian and global finance customers refine processes and develop initiatives that deliver real results.

Breakpoint delivers key capabilities that include:

  • Fully integrated financial functionality has empowered and centralised business operations. Through Business-Process-Reengineering and Automated Workflow, Breakpoint solutions have addressed the consolidation of projects, platforms and technologies that are common in the finance industry. Breakpoint have successfully integrated, shaped and streamlined complex systems that are linked to supporting business channels
  • With the globalisation of financial markets, Breakpoint has enabled financial institutions to operate globally and create high quality low cost greater global opportunities with secure B2B electronic transaction Web Services. Increasing efficiency through automated straight- through- processing and dramatically reducing transaction-processing costs
  • Breakpoint have been recognised and accredited by AUSTRAC as technology innovators for their financial solutions. This has provided financial services organisations with automated tools that deliver regulatory reporting.

>> Customer Testimonial

"Breakpoint's 15 years of expertise, experience and leadership with financial services, makes them a natural partner for us. Breakpoint's proven track record, professional attitude and approach has been vital to the success of our projects".

    - Global Investment Bank.

Contact us today for an in-depth understanding of how we apply our expertise to financial institutions and deliver profitable leading edge solutions.

Public Sector

Breakpoint has extensive experience assisting Government customers to use information technology effectively by improving operational processes, the quality of services and facilities delivered to the community.

Breakpoint's mission critical solutions offer web-based components designed to streamline complex operating environments and link multiple Government agencies. Breakpoint has specialist knowledge of Government probity requirements and a detailed knowledge of Government contracts and tendering processes. Breakpoint consultants have a range of relevant experience in the management and application of information technology within Government agencies. As eGovernment initiatives are implemented, Breakpoint collaborates with Public Sector organisations in meeting the challenges that are required to deliver services to the community and businesses electronically.

Breakpoint delivers key capabilities that include:

  • Breakpoint's Electronic Services Delivery (ESD) and eGovernment Internet and Intranet solutions increases processing transparency and reduces the distance between Government and the community
  • With the public demand for more secure services and improved delivery of electronic processes, Breakpoint deliver secure infrastructure solutions. These solutions provide the community with secure streamlined transaction processes that are linked to multiple Government department and agencies.

>> Customer Testimonial

"Breakpoint's development of secure online transaction solutions, incorporating Business Process Reengineering strategies that link with other Government departments has been a major achievement with great benefits to the NSW public. Breakpoint's design and implementation of a robust architecture (as a backbone for our core services) has enabled additional online services to be implemented seamlessly".

    - NSW Government Office.

Contact us today to gain more insight into mission critical government solutions and how we help deliver facilities to the community.

Technology & Transport

Breakpoint solutions help customers achieve more by extracting full value from existing systems. Breakpoint's experience within the technology industry sector has resulted in winning the IEEE 1990 Design Excellence Award in the Engineering Products category. Breakpoint has the skills and experience to optimize each customers IT capabilities.

Breakpoint's experiences with complex transport systems deliver customized, scalable and flexible solutions. The solutions include integrated technology, industry expertise, specialized implementation and customer support services that are required by the competitive transport industry.

Breakpoint's comprehensive transport solutions encapsulate the diverse requirements of customers in transit operations and rail. Providing solutions to mission critical operations has introduced higher standards and methodologies that provide superior streamlined business processes.

>> Customer Testimonial

"Breakpoint delivered an efficient, timely solution within budget that easily met our user expectations."

     - Government Transport Department

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Breakpoint has worked with customers in the telecommunications industry sector to model processes, improve methodologies and tools, identify and prioritize initiatives, and deliver value-adding services. Breakpoint use leading edge technology to facilitate and implement these initiatives.

Breakpoint can draw on years of experience and knowledge to bring customers innovative solutions developed by talented IT professionals.

Breakpoint solutions easily adapt to advancing technologies in telecommunications.

>> Customer Testimonial

"Based on our previous working relationship with Breakpoint, it was a clear choice to select Breakpoint as our solution provider in implementing a global telecommunications solution"

    - Global Telecommunications Organisation.

Contact us today to let us prove how our experience within telecommunications industry and our telecommunication solutions can make your organisations more profitable and competitive.


Breakpoint combines its technical software engineering core competency with specialist knowledge of biomedical colour vision testing and for over 15 years Breakpoint has been developing innovative biomedical diagnostic products to detect glaucoma, diabetes and colour blindness.

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