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Breakpoint provides a comprehensive range of small, medium, large-scale solutions and services to customers: financial services, public sector, technology, telecoms, transport and biomedical. Breakpoint's philosophy is to combine a pragmatic approach with the ability to draw on a range of expert resources. In addition to providing technology solutions and working with customers to implement recommendations, Breakpoint provides proactive solutions across market sectors.

>> Customer Testimonial

"Breakpoint have demonstrated to our organisation and trading partners the value of E-business solutions. Breakpoint quickly gained an understanding of our challenges and provided a solution path that enabled the dynamic sharing of information with our partners and delivered quality services to our customer."

     - International Information Company

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Solution Categories

>> E-Business Solutions

  • Breakpoint assists customers by aligning their e-business and government strategies to corporate goals. Breakpoint's e-business solutions focus on Web Services and B2B collaboration with the customer's trading partners and regulators. Enabling them to share information dynamically, make decisions faster and deliver cost and time savings to customers
  • Breakpoint's e-business expertise includes: Strategic e-business solutions, Electronic transaction processing, integrated frameworks, Web enabled business and technology processes
  • Breakpoint's leading edge E-business solutions provide mission-critical information in real-time, streamline business processes and deliver cost savings

>> Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Breakpoint's experience working with ERP solutions include integrating multiple disparate systems to increase process efficiency, maximise performance and reduce redundancy. Breakpoint's solutions aim to standardise applications and maximize the re-use of enterprise information.

>> Regulatory Reporting Solutions

  • Breakpoint has extensive experience providing solutions to customers that need to meet the demands of regulatory environments. Breakpoint continue to implement complex regulatory reporting systems and ensure customers are in sync with changing regulatory reporting requirements.

>> Knowledge Management / Data Warehouse

  • Breakpoint's Knowledge Management solutions have been designed to simplify obtaining, recoding and retrieving an organisation's intellectual capital. Breakpoint's Knowledge Management solutions collate and distribute valuable business intelligence within a framework that connects technology, processes, customers, and employees.

>> CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  • Breakpoint's extensive experience with CRM solutions has involved the integration of organisations specific business lines, departments and operational channels in order to identify new sales, marketing opportunities. Breakpoint's expertise in customising and tailoring CRM solutions enable customer segmentation and customer differentiation. .

>> Security

  • Breakpoint provides solutions and are involved in: Business Continuity Planning, Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery, Design of secure E-Business/E-Commerce solutions, design of secure networks, vulnerability assessments and Internet Application Security Reviews.

>> Secure Electronic Payments

  • Breakpoint has extensive industry experience with public key infrastructure (PKI) and Digital Certificate solutions.

>> Tailored Solutions

  • Breakpoint offers innovative tailored solutions that address specific customer needs. The solution will incorporate either: a) an appropriate a market technology that is customised to meet the requirements or b) a complete customer-specific solutions .

>> Integrated Solutions

  • Breakpoint has over 15 years of experience in systems integration. The solutions include wrapping and integrating legacy systems into enterprise-wide systems, protecting customers' considerable investments in older, proven systems, while also providing future migration paths when the legacy systems become obsolete
  • Breakpoint's in-depth experience with all significant software, hardware and communications platforms and our independence ensures the best-fit of system integration technologies .

>> Business Process Reengineering Solutions

  • Breakpoint's extensive experience with BPR solutions includes: software process improvement, application and system integration, open architecture and automation of mission-critical business processes
  • Breakpoint's BPR solutions deliver: Transaction Systems, E-Business solutions, Centralisation Solutions, Monitoring Systems, Embedded Systems, Clearing and Settlement Systems, Workflow and Imaging Solutions, Transport and Timetable Solutions, Front-Office / Back-Office Solutions.

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